Steps to Conducting a Successful Termination Meeting

Eventually, every employer has to end the employment of one of their workers. This can be a stressful time for some and for others it might be a process they’re used to doing. Whether you’re used to this process or not it’s important to conduct a termination meeting. The meetings allow for a time to discuss the decision behind the … Read More

Defining Four Terms from the Americans with Disabilities Act

Any employer, public or private, with 15 or more employees has to adhere to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Even though companies have to follow this law there’s a lot of confusion surrounding how to do so. The terms mentioned in the ADA such as ‘undue hardship’ and ‘reasonable accommodation’ are objective, so employers feel that interpreting them can … Read More

Creating Effective Communication Within Your Company

Companies today suffer from a lack of effective communication. They’re like cars without fuel, they don’t move forward. Imagine you owned a car that pumped gasoline into the tires or the trunk instead of where it needs to go. Unfortunately, many companies have the same problem as your imaginary car. Information is to companies what fuel is to cars, it’s … Read More