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Top 10 Reasons to Join PayPros, Inc. as a Business Development Employee

  • Unlimited Territory.
  • Substantial Compensation Structure.
  • Ongoing Residual Payments.
  • Base Salary.
  • Health, Dental and Vision Insurance Available.
  • Control your own destiny.
  • Mostly manage yourself.
  • Build up a book of business.
  • Very reasonable quotas.
  • Income increases over time.

What makes our system different?

Can You Do It?

Have you been successful selling payroll?

If you answered “Yes”, then you can do this.

Why continue to enrich others? You are probably used to only getting a one time commission, while the payroll company keeps making money long after you are gone. In this business, once an income stream is opened, it keeps on coming year in and year out like a faucet. Just imagine if you had been doing this when you started selling payroll. Most likely you would have built up quite an income using this hybrid plan. If you are confident in your ability, why continue another day without this plan?

You know this market still has over 60% of small businesses that need this service. You also know that the national payroll providers lose approximately 25% of their business year in and year out. PayPros, Inc. turns over approximately 8%, including losses due to out of business. The market potential is huge.

Start to take advantage of this market today, building a higher pay for yourself.   Your income can easily surpass $100,000+ per year with just average payroll sales numbers.  You will also get your health insurance contributed to along with vision and dental!  This is a win-win.

About Our Payroll Service

PayPros is a bonded and insured provider that handles clients from 1 – 2,000 employees. We offer an array of payroll, HR, and employee benefits outsourcing solutions. We have been a respected payroll provider since 1999. Our payroll system is second to none and has all the extra services you need to sell in today’s competitive market. You can browse our site to see for yourself.

PayPros, Inc. has the right team that will back you up with flawless and top notch quality service to your clients. Most of our offices are along the East Coast of the US, but we have expanded to the West recently.

There is tremendous upside in this market. In fact, with the pricing possible with PayPros, Inc., you will save small businesses valuable dollars, while increasing their productivity as a company. Your pricing will typically beat the major national payroll services by at least 20%, while providing the latest technology that meets or exceeds all the other National Providers. Our system handles Payroll, HR, Employee Login, Time & Attendance, Benefits, ACA Reporting, Custom Reporting and Efficient Workflows all in one database! For more info, browse our site.

PayPros, Inc. has consistently maintained a great client retention rate over the years. We can guide you as much as you want or we will stay out of your way and allow you to do what you do best – sell. You will be free of all activities except those that can make you money.

Here is what some of our payroll clients are saying

“Things have been great with PayPros. The customer support is wonderful and the web interface is super easy. I’ve been entering payroll on my own for the last few weeks with now problems whatsoever and our paychecks are always on time. I would not hesitate to recommend PayPros to any small business such as ours.”
– Small Business owner in the Northeast Area of the US

“Excellent service. An efficient and cost effective payroll process.” – Business owner that has been with PayPros, Inc. for years.

“I could not be happier after we made the switch from ADP. No more difficulty getting through to someone!” – Mid-Sized business from the Southeastern Area of the US

“…We were initially worried about moving to PayPros in the middle of a quarter, especially with our past experience. It has been amazing. PayPros is 150% better than ADP!” – President of a NJ based Corporation.

“We have been with PayPros, Inc. for 10 years and have never even thought of leaving. We will be a lifetime client!”- US Director of Operations of a World-Wide Software Firm.

Learn More

For any questions or to learn more, please contact us by filling out the contact form and referencing the Business Development Position. We will contact you as soon as possible. If you prefer, feel free to contact our Business Development Coordinator Jeff Salvatore by phone at 866-445-2524.