Mission Critical SECURITY

safeWe do everything humanly possible to prevent our applications from ever going offline. We also have taken great lengths to prepare for the very small chance they do. As the old cliché goes, “The best defense is a good offense”. In on-line disaster recovery preparedness, this is very true. The safety of your data and unfettered access to your mission critical applications is our highest priority.

First Step: Prevention

Our disaster recovery planning begins by taking aggressive steps to prevent a disaster in the first place. All of our Software as a Service (SaaS) applications and your data is housed in a Standards for Attestation Engagements (SSAE) No. 16 (formerly SAS70 Type II) Certified Data Center operated by one of the nation’s leading hosting companies. Why is this important to you? Our data center provides robust protection and services to meet the highest standards in network operations. Below is a small sampling of the capabilities of our data center:
Data Center Security
– On-Site personnel 24/7.
– Intrusion detection and alarms.
– Biometric access system and closed circuit camera monitoring.
– Fire protection that includes “dry pipe” sprinkler system with smoke and heat sensors.
Network Infrastructure
– Intelligent BGP routing.
– Multi-homed redundant Tier 1 IP backbone.
– Power conditioning, redundant UPS and backup power generator farm.
– Automated systems & monitoring.
– Custom monitoring for servers, routers and switches.
Redundant Network Infrastructure
Our network is composed of a fully meshed configuration of top name brand networking equipment. Our network is fully redundant with a “hot spare” for every critical switch and router.
Our SaaS applications are connected to multiple Tier 1 providers for added redundancy. While one connection is used to route production traffic the other connection is on hot standby. Should a problem arise, the automatic switch to the standby circuit is instantaneous and without interruption to our users. Along with the automated monitoring provided by our SSAE data center, our engineers monitor the network and SaaS applications 24/7 utilizing an off-site application. This dual approach allows us to ensure your SaaS application performs to the standards you expect.

Second Step: Disaster Recovery Preparation

Unfortunately, we all know that some disasters cannot be prevented. We have taken steps to ensure that your data remains secure and access to your mission critical applications is restored quickly. PayPros understands that your employees need to be paid, hired and benefits provided regardless of what is happening elsewhere.

Disaster Preparations

To help ensure a smooth and rapid recovery at an off-site location in case a major disruption of service occurs, Infinisource has undertaken the following precautions:
– Your data is automatically backed up daily. These backups are stored locally in our SSAE Hosting Center and transmitted over a private connection to an off-site facility as an additional safeguard. Daily backups are stored for 15 days. Monthly backups are stored for one year.
– Off-site hardware is preloaded and configured to allow for rapid replication of our SaaS environment in case of a major disaster.
– Production system templates are also secured off-site and updated when environment or application changes occur.
– System managers can activate this off-site environment quickly, minimizing disruptions to your operations. Payroll, HR and Time data is both sensitive and vital to your operation. Protecting your data and providing reliable SaaS operations is a corporate priority at PayPros, Inc.

Disaster Preparations PayPros, Inc. Personnel

To help ensure a smooth and rapid recovery at an off-site location in case a major disruption of service occurs, PayPros, Inc. has undertaken the following precautions:
1 – We have moved our office to the cloud 100% utilizing Office 365 as a company. This ensures our employees don’t miss a beat during a disaster. This was on full display during the COVID19 crisis of 2020. There was not one single payroll disrupted due to the issue.
2 – We have multiple locations located 1,500 miles away in case of a regional disaster, we could still operate.
3 – Our software solutions are completely cloud based starting in May, 2020. Our staff can access their work from anywhere.
4 – We completely backup our software databases and also internal office documents from the cloud and keep it off site and save it for at least 3 years.