GL Export

General Ledger Exports for Many Different Accounting Packages

GL Exports provides you with another value-added service as you can now seamlessly post payroll information to your accounting system via export/import. Accessed online, you and/or your accountant now have a convenient online capability to record your payroll data. You will save time, reduce errors and have more flexibility with the General Ledger tools available.

Benefits of General Ledger Exports
  • Flexible solution to chart total net pay or each paycheck.
  • Distribute payroll expenses to multiple accounts.
  • Improves accuracy – no duplicate data entry.
  • Direct online access by your accountant or auditor.
  • New file received with every payroll.
  • No third party involvement to apply payroll data to the General Ledger.
  • Export can show each employees full check as if you did the payroll through your accounting software.
  • One-Time Setup is done by PayPros, Inc. after consulting with you to gain an understanding of how you want the information to appear in your financial software.
  • The collaboration with you will help determine how payroll is applied to the General Ledger for accounting purposes-whether they post net payroll as a lump sum or send payroll information for each check number to individual accounts. You may even post earnings, taxes and deductions to multiple accounts. The choice is yours! Once you’ve set it up, your profile will be saved along with payroll information. After each payroll, a file will be instantly generated to provide electronic payroll data that is applied directly to the General Ledger. Simply download it. It is so easy!