Technology Trends In Payroll And HR

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Technology has radically changed how we do business. Every aspect of our lives have, in some way, been changed by technology. It only makes sense that payroll and HR have also been impacted by technology and its advancement. There are certain trends in technology that have been changing the way that companies approach their payroll and HR. Here are some of the new trends.

1. The Cloud

The cloud and cloud based apps have long since been a prominent trend in technology. Now payroll and HR are jumping on this trend to make services more convenient and cost efficient. Using cloud technology allows you to cut out the middle man meaning you no longer need IT specialists for upkeep or general problems. Cloud technology is infrastructure-free which means that you don’t have to pay for equipment or services associated with an in-house system.

Today many people in the workforce value flexibility in their work schedules and cloud based HR systems can give them that ability. This technology allows workers to update their hours or certain HR data from their smartphones which gives them the flexibility they desire. The cloud based solution for HR departments has allowed for a simplification of day-to-day activities.

2. Smartphone Access

Smartphones are now just as vital to business as a computer. Most professionals use their smartphones to send emails, make appointments, keep track of their calendars, and many other things. Another thing that they are now able to do is file expense reports with the app Concur or access portals that allow them to check employee payroll, hours, taxes, and other information. HR systems that are on smartphones allow for real-time track on payroll and provides transparency for employees because they can check what is going on with their pay in real time.

3. Artificial Intelligence

In payroll and HR oftentimes you will be working with a computer more than another person. Artificial intelligence is becoming more prevalent in business and in payroll and HR. Many workers interact with app-based features and dynamic modules in their daily activities and enjoy the convenience of doing so. Other features that AI can help with in HR and payroll are employee assessment, compliance focus, analytic potential, recruitment, and more. In order to read about these features in depth check out this blog post.

4. Integrated HR Operations

Integration in HR puts an emphasis on the team instead of the individual. As business has shifted into a community outlook HR has been shifting as well. There are many programs that have allowed HR to be a more integrated process and focus on team performance. HR can now gauge the overall growth and prospects of a company and focus on team management with integrated operations. Software that allows HR departments to do this gives them the ability to track employee progress and highlight the advancement of teams instead of individuals.

5. Customized Software

HR works best with company values and objectives when they operate with a customized payroll software. They are able to keep track of different kinds of employees, such as full-time, part-time, and freelancers. With a customized software HR can easily fulfill their responsibilities with efficiency and accuracy.

These are just a few different ways that technology is changing HR and payroll. In order to stay relevant and up to date with today’s trends business has to evolve which creates a more efficient and accurate environment.