Tips For Avoiding Time Theft in the Workplace

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Time theft is something that should be taken seriously. Time theft is when an employee is paid for work that was never done or for time that was never spent working. This kind of behavior is dangerous in your office because it can impact your company’s productivity and morale. You don’t want employees that will take advantage of you and harm their coworkers. There are some ways to avoid time theft and we want to share them with you.

1. Implement a Biometric Timekeeping System
A biometric system makes sure that the right employee is clocking in and out. The system makes it impossible to forge a timecard. Having this system will eradicate “buddy punching” which is when a coworker punches another coworker’s timecard.

2. Open Employee Lines of Communication
Sometimes employees might be committing time theft because the guidelines and policies were never explained to them. It’s important to ensure that an employee knows what’s expected of them and knows the company’s policies. Employers should be clear about the policies regarding timecards and things done while on the clock.

3. Implement Internet Monitoring Software
This is a simple software to implement and it monitors what your employees are doing while they’re online. Having the ability to track your employee’s internet behaviors allows you to see if they’re using their computers to do things that aren’t work-related and waste company time.

4. Hold Regular Staff Meetings
Staff meetings provide an opportunity to discuss certain issues like time theft without making any accusations. They also allow you to remind employees of their expectations.

5. Accountability at Work
In order to help employees stay accountable employers can implement initiative programs, create assessable goals, and monitor employee’s progress with projects.

The most important part of avoiding time theft is keeping the communication lines open and ensuring that employees know expectations. At PayPros we offer an HCM system that can help eliminate time theft. If you have any questions about eradicating time theft or about our system give us a call or shoot us an email!