Why Paid Sick Leave Is Being Used More

Recently, paid sick leave has become a matter of discussion and there’s been a push to make sick leave mandatory, paid and unpaid. Specifically, paid sick leave has become an important issue because it offers many benefits for employers and employees. Paid Sick Leave Benefits Despite being sick many employees still come into the office which puts their coworkers at … Read More

Technology Trends In Payroll And HR

technology HR payroll

Technology has radically changed how we do business. Every aspect of our lives have, in some way, been changed by technology. It only makes sense that payroll and HR have also been impacted by technology and its advancement. There are certain trends in technology that have been changing the way that companies approach their payroll and HR. Here are some … Read More

How Same Day ACHs Changed

Same Day ACH

Why is ACH important? Well, if you consider receiving your paycheck every week via direct deposit important than you will see why ACH is of importance. The Automated Clearing House (ACH) is the system that allows direct deposits into your account. These deposits are called ACH transactions and starting in March of 2018 these transactions have been improved. What is … Read More

Rethinking Employee Structure

Employee Structure

To help organizations become agile with their HR process, Jeff Mike explains how they can evolve to a more effective business model. Thank you to one of our partners, Verified First, for providing this article through their HR thought leader network. This article was originally published here at Bersin by Deloitte.

 Organizational structure is a hot topic. Increasing customer expectations, … Read More

When To Use Comp Time

comp time

Are you an employer that uses comp time instead of overtime? In a recent study it was found that 1/3 of 500 private-sector employers were using comp time instead of overtime. That means that one-third of employers are at risk of a lawsuit because this practice is a violation of the FLSA. With that in mind you might have a … Read More